Become a Cleaner "King of the Road" with Excellent Services from Our Truck Wash in Heyburn, Idaho

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Look Good While Hauling Freight with Superior Semitruck Washing Services from Our Professionals

Turn heads on the highway with a shiny, dirt-free semitruck when you use precision washing services from our specialists in Heyburn, Idaho. Gear Jammer Truck Wash's entire array of semitruck washing services are all meant for 1 goal: a cleaner rig on the inside and outside for you. From Rain-X® applications and fuel tank cleanings to trailer washouts, our truck wash does what it takes to make your time on the road less dirty and odorous! Stop by our truck wash today for your first service.

Complete Semitruck Washing Services

• Apply Rain-X on Windshields
•  Professionally Wax Exterior
•  Provide a Spot-Free Rinse
•  Acid Wash Rims to Remove Break Dust & Dirt
•  Treat Fuel Tanks & Stacks
•  Use Citrus on Chrome for a Like-New Shine
•  Wash Out & Sanitize Trailers |(Cattle Trailers Excluded)

Clean Trucks Parked

A Word from Our Owners

We were truckers for more than 25 years, but decided to open this semitruck washing facility when the trucking industry began to slow down. We sold our trucks and acquired some great land next to a truck stop, which we used to open our local truck wash.

Call us in Heyburn, Idaho, at (888) 431-4980 for more information about how our fantastic semitruck washing services can make you the center of attention on the highway.